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On the day items to match all our invitations are available.

We design all on the day items to match your invitations and personalise them to suit
your needs and the information you wish to include for your guests.

These items are generally organised after your invitations have been completed
(around 6-4 weeks before your wedding date).


Click here for
Ordering Information/Notes

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The On the Day Items Picture Gallery


Place Cards

Tent Style Cards


Single layer card
Plain (no printing or names) - $1.00each
With names only - $1.30 each
With names & graphics/pattern/border - $1.50 each

Double layer card/paper
Unprinted - $2.20
With printed names - $2.50


Add 6mm satin ribbon tied in double knot – from $1.00 each
(subject to change depending on materials and style)


Small tag with printed names/design and a punched hole

All  above sizes/designs tags - $0.90 ea


Mitred Corner Tag
4x7cm luggage shape tag with printed names/design and a punched hole - $1.20 each

Tags do not include ribbon.
A variety of ribbon styles and colours are available for purchasing separately.


Napkin Wraps
Dimensions 30mm x280

Printed with names/pattern
With slots cut for fastening - $1.80 ea
Without slots cut for fastening - $1.50 ea

If done without the slots cut to fasten a faint line will be
printed as a guide as to where to cut them (with scissors would be fine).

Table Numbers

Tent style cards
With numbers on both sides and a ribbon secured underneath so they are free standing.
Or the two sides of the folding cards can be adhered together to form
a solid double sided card to go onto a prong/clip stand.

Single layer of card
Small - (10.5x11cm, 11cm or 10cm square)  - $4.60 each
Medium - (12x10.5cm, 11.5cm or 12cm square) - $5.00 each
Large - (140x145mm) - $6.00 each

 Double layer – paper on card
Small (105mmx110mm) - $7.00 each
Large (140x145mm) - $8.00 each

 For ribbon embellishment to both sides of a tent style table number add $3.00 each


Tall DL 3 sided table card - $6.00 each

Each side is 10x21cm - folded to stand in a triangle 

Finishing options:
Tall Dl table cards come either glued/put together
(only when being picked up) or with a
double sided tape strip on the tab.

As well as table name/numbers these can include
other info like wine lists, buffet menu or
the significance of a table name*.


*If adding a different image/photo or different verse/text
(ie story about what the significance of a table name is) to
each table number/name card add a $35.00 set up/time cost.
Subject to change if there is additional editing to images is required.


120gsm metallic paper:

Please note that paper order of service/menu designs cannot
have printing right to the edge of the page.
An unprintable margin of about 5mm is necessary. 

Printing on both sides

A6 - $2.00 ea
A5 - $2.80 ea

Flat A5 Sheet:
Supplied flat - $1.80 ea
Rolled into a scroll with 3mm satin ribbon tied in a bow - $2.00 ea
Rolled into a scroll with 6mm satin ribbon tied in a bow - $3.10 ea

 Please note that paper order of service designs cannot have printing right to the edge of the page. 

250gsm metallic cards

Flat Cards - Printing on one side:

DL (10x21cm) - $2.00 each
A5 (14.8x21cm) - $2.50 each

Flat Cards -  Printing on both sides:
DL (10x21cm) - $2.20 each
A5 (14.8x21cm) - $2.80 each

Folding Cards:
– $2.70 each
DL or A5 - $3.30 each

Seating Plans

A3 single layer card - $60.00
A3 double layer card - $70.00
A3 Foam board mounting add $15.00 per board

Two A3 layouts - not mounted $80.00
Two A3 layouts - mounted on large foam board $100.00

 Separate pieces of paper for each table for placing on a large foam board
**See last image in the gallery for an example**
Includes title layout and separate pieces of paper for each table
printed with pattern/detail and lists of names

Complete construction with all tables placed onto the board (up to 16 tables) - $110.00
Kitset including a large foam board - $90.00
Kitset NOT including board - $75.00 

Diagram of tables $15.00 extra unless supplied by client or venue as a file/image that
can be directly imported on to the seating plan design with no editing required.

Order of the Day Board
(same design as the seating plan with a breakdown of the day’s events)
A3 single layer card - $25
A3 single layer card  with foam board mounting $40.00

Ribbon detail add - $5.00 per board 

 Please note that A3 seating plans/boards are shipped separately
from other items at a cost of $10.00 (a2 will be $18.00 to ship)
Plus shipping for other items ($10.00). So the typical on the day items order
with a plan and other items will cost $20.00 to ship.


 Ordering Information/Notes

All on-the-day items can be designed to match our wedding invitation designs.
(both standard and custom designs)

A set up fee of $35.00 and a $50.00 deposit will apply for new customers
ordering on the day stationery with Paper Magic (ie if we didn't create your invites).
The deposit is to be paid before any design work commences.

Time Frame
8-12 weeks before your wedding date (or when you receive/pick up your finished invites)
Book in for any stationery you require for the ceremony and reception
(Note: this is the ideal time frame, you may still place an order if this time has already past).

4-5 weeks before your wedding date:
Confirm items required and wording for menu, order of service,
names for seating plan and place cards. Please carefully read and proof all text
before sending it as this will speed up and simplify the progress of your order.

Menu Text: read through and make any adjustments you would like
to the menu text provided by your venue/caterer prior to forwarding it to us.

For January/1st week of February weddings we like to have the design all sorted
before Christmas so that after the new years holidays we only have final adjustments
on the seating plan and guest lists to do before making everything up

In most cases we like to ship on the day items no later than 5-6 days before the wedding.
For example a Saturday wedding we would need final approval to go to print on the
Thursday before the preceding weekend to ship out on the Monday morning.

Step One - Initial Contact/Brief
When you are ready to place an order please contact us via our contacts page
If you know our contact details already from placing a previous order
you are welcome to email or call us directly. 

Let us know what items you think will need and any other information
you think may help us with your order.

In some cases it may be better to have a chat about what items you will need
and develop a design brief for us to follow. We will call you or feel free to call us.

Step Two - Pricing/Reply
We will email back a pricing document with a summary of you order details
as we have them at that time. As we confirm the details of your order this will
be updated and emailed to you to check.

This may also include digital mock up examples of possible designs and an
example spreadsheet for organizing your seating plan and place name information.

In most cases we will also include a rough time line/deadline guide in this email.

Step Three - First Drafts
Once we have a brief of what we are doing and all your source information
(i.e. text for menus and order of service books, seating plan and names lists).

we will email you back a digital mock ups of all items for your review.
Please note that two sets of changes after the first draft has been sent are
complimentary, after those extra charges apply ($20 per PDF sent).

Step Four - Proof
Once we have narrowed down the digital copies to final versions and the details or your order
have been confirmed we will send you FINAL digital mock ups of all items, along with
 an invoice, for approval before printing can commence. At this stage you may
still make changes to the seating arrangements (ie if a guest cancels
or let you know they can come after all). See first page for time frame details.


Click here for a PDF (printable) version of the  above on the day process information


Click here for a PDF (printable) version of the pricing details for all on the day items

Once we have a narrowed down brief of what you would like to order a more
accurate version of this document with the summary updated will be emailed to you


On the Day Items Picture Gallery
Note the images below are available in a PDF format on request.

A5 flat paper menu rolled with 3mm satin ribbon tied in a bow

Large foam board with separate pieces of paper

The title at the top is 30x18cm and each table is 9.5x13cm
We usually adjust the size of the separate pieces of paper to suit the design and number of tables.
Each table could have a design element on it or just the title as in this example.
Pricing options for full construction or DIY kits is available (see above).


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